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When building your dream home becomes a nightmare
Designing and building the perfect home is a dream for many, but choose the wrong contractor and it can all go south very quickly.
Home renovations: These are the jobs that don’t need building approval
Building from scratch or adding on to a property can give homeowners the opportunity to personalise their home, but the correct procedures must be followed.
Building your own home? You’ll need a building loan
If you’re planning on building or renovating your home, you’ll probably need a building loan. This is what you need to know about this type of finance.
Serious building fails to watch out for
Don’t get caught making one of these mistakes or your building plans could turn into a nightmare.
12 things you need to know before extending your home
Not sure where to start when planning a home extension? We’ve got your back with this helpful 12 point guide.
Should you build or buy a home?
Purchasing a home involves a number of important choices, and one of the very first is whether to shop for an existing house or build a new one. Here's what to consider before making your choice.
Getting finance to build your dream home
Nedbank's Tim Akinnusi gives advice on how banks go about providing loans to those wanting to build their own home.
Check the plans before you buy
Find out why it's of utmost importance to check the plans of a property before you buy it.
Purchasing a property off plan
As demand for property continues to outstrip what is currently available to buyers on the market, the off-plan property sector has continued to grow from strength to strength.
The value of professional advice when building
You need expert advice when building a home. It is worth paying for a professional now, as this may save you a substantial amount later.