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Evictions: balancing landlord and tenant rights
Many tenants believe that they cannot be forced to vacate a property if they cannot find alternative accommodation, but this is not always the case.
The 7 deadly rental sins to avoid
To avoid the frustration of financial loss, stress and damage to your property, make sure you are not committing these seven deadly rental sins:
Is the PIE Act in need of an overhaul?
Although the PIE Act was initially created to govern the issue of land invasions and squatters in urban areas, it has been expanded to include ordinary tenants who often abuse the law.
Evictions - acting illegally can backfire
A developer's plans to build up-market houses on a 6000m2 piece of land in Fairlands in Johannesburg has backfired, thanks to a High Court judgement which has found that the elderly couple who have lived in a house on the ...
Only an attorney can evict
Social media makes us all well aware of the problems others are facing – and some of those stories are heartbreaking. Desperate pleas for alternate accommodation for those who are being evicted from their homes have become ...
Stress in the salon
Stormy weather is a phenomenon that leaves no one altogether untouched. Being a lady of sensible solutions, I tend to deal with storms in the most practical way possible, and so whether it’s wind, rain or an emotional furore, I ...
Unlawful evictions
Statements made by two government officials namely Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti, and Minister of Human Settlements Lindiwe Sisulu, have been plastered all over South African newspapers recently. The ...
Begone, bad tenant
Ask any landlord and he will tell you that the law protects the tenant far more than it does the homeowner. Ask the average tenant the same question and you're likely to hear that landlords abuse ...
How to lawfully evict a non-paying tenant
Just as tough economic times have had their impact on the housing market and those looking to own property, it has also affected many tenants and landlords within the residential rental market.
Onus on landlords in eviction cases
Buy-to-rent property, although slow due to the economic downturn, has lost none of its appeal for investors. But those who go this route have to familiarise themselves with a body of legislation that has grown up to protect both ...