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Home renovations: These are the jobs that don’t need building approval
Building from scratch or adding on to a property can give homeowners the opportunity to personalise their home, but the correct procedures must be followed.
Check your building plans before selling your home
It's vital to get your house in order before you sell your home and one of the things that can cause massive delays in the transfer process is an issue with the building plans.
Should you build or buy a home?
Purchasing a home involves a number of important choices, and one of the very first is whether to shop for an existing house or build a new one. Here's what to consider before making your choice.
The do’s and don’ts for enclosing patios
Alterations made to patios or balconies without proper approval in sectional title units can become a costly affair.
Points to consider before you start building
Some useful tips to make sure you're in the know, before you start building a home.
Drawing up house plans
A guide to drawing up house plans should you decide to take the DIY route.
Restrictions on your property
The use of every privately owned property in South Africa is subject to certain control measures, which may restrict you from making the changes you would like to make to your new home.
Which home improvements add the most value to your home?
Let’s face it: renovating or adding improvements to your home can be a bit of a chore. But if you plan the job carefully, you’ll score twice over.
Sellers: does your home comply with building regulations?
Not ensuring your home complies with building regulations could cause issues when you put it up for sale. A recent judgement handed down by the Western Cape’s High Court has highlighted the importance of making sure that the ...
What building alterations require approval from your municipality?
It’s an accepted tenet in the law that you have the right to the ‘proper enjoyment of your property’ - but this doesn’t mean that you have the right to do anything you want when it comes to building alterations. Especially since ...