5 Ways a Water Tank Can Improve Your Lifestyle

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Cath Jenkin

Here are 5 ways that installing a water tank at home can improve your lifestyle and add value to your property.

The City of Cape Town may have relaxed water restrictions, but that’s no reason to get complacent. The more water we save now, the better we’ll be in the future. Here are five ways a water tank can improve your property value, and your lifestyle:

Saves You Money

Your cost of living seems to be escalating beyond belief, and opening your utility bills is now akin to getting on a rollercoaster. Installing a water tank can help you cut back on those utility bills, in big ways. Installing a water tank makes your household less dependent on your municipal water supply system. Lowering your water consumption via municipal systems will show up in your decreased utility bills almost immediately. Of course, the capital cost of installing a water tank may make you reconsider it, but the long-term financial effect of generating your own water supply pays off in the long term.

Gets You Off the Grid

Installing a water tank means your household is no longer fully dependent on municipal water supply services. That single solution somewhat protects you from a future water crisis. If a drought hits, your backup water supply is already in place, and you’ll have easy access to clean drinking water, without having to fetch it from designated collection points. Installing a water tank will also trigger a shift in lifestyle within your home: as you work out ways to be more water-wise, you’ll find it easier to apply eco-friendly practices in other areas of your life too.

Feeds Your Garden

Keeping your lawn luscious and green during the drier months is no longer a concern. Through using a water tank for garden irrigation, you’ll be better placed to plan and cater for the water needs of your garden, and better accommodate for seasonal planting schedules.

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Teaches Important Life Lessons

Installing a water tank can be an educational experience for your whole family. Teaching children ways to conserve and protect our most precious resource is important, not just for them, but for future generations too. The more they’re equipped to use water wisely, and save it as much as possible, the better our global future will be. Combatting the effects of climate change and unpredictable weather patterns is easier if everyone plays their part in saving water.

Increases Your Property Value

Property pundits and estate agents have highlighted keen consumer interest in green living, and a growing demand for homes with green features. Water scarcity is a global concern, and at a consumer level, concerns around rising utility bills has many homeowners furrowing their brows. Offering a potential buyer a home that guarantees reduced utility costs is an important selling point, and environmentally conscious consumers are particularly attracted to this type of intervention. If you’re renting your property out to tenants, a water tank can also provide a sense of assurance that they’ll enjoy an uninterrupted, cost-effective water supply, even in a water crisis. Creating a resource-efficient home that’s not entirely dependent upon municipal resources makes for an attractive property. When the time comes to sell your home, you could list the property at a higher price than properties similar to it.

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