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Conserve water in winter
Water is a key resource which households and businesses depend on for survival. How can water be conserved in winter?
How to make your home pet-friendly
Keeping pets requires that your home is conducive for them. How can this be done?
The rising importance of proptech in a new world
The world is embracing the rising need for proptech and this is why:
A Homeowner's Guide to Geyser Maintenance
Home mantainance involves caring for important components such as a geyser. How should this be done?
How to make Easter-themed decor
Easter decor to match the occasion can be done without spending much.How can this be done?
Delicious autumn recipes
Seasons come and go but every season comes with a need to be well fed.Which recipes are worth considering in autumn?
How to Braai: Top 5 Tips to Impress a Man
A braai is a great moment to connect and catch up with family and friends. How can you host an impressive braai?
Top tips for a stress-free move with children and pets
PLANNING AND PREPARATION: Strategic planning will significantly reduce the impact of the move on the whole family.
How to make a smooth move out of town
Ever since Covid-19 put everyone in SA into a hard lockdown at home, there has been a steady increase in the number of people rethinking their housing choices.
Knowing you're ready to move out of home
Record low interest rates have pushed a steady stream of first-time buyers into the property market, either moving from rental properties or simply leaving their family home.