Episode 12: Time to give back

Private Property South Africa
Vat Jou Goed en Trek

In the spirit of Christmas, the team heads to Durban to renovate a classroom at the Liv Village.

LIV is an organisation that takes in children off the streets and set them up in a family-like environment. The establishment provides the children with an education as well as giving them tertiary opportunities in various fields.

This organisation has been one that Private Property has been a keen supporter of for quite some time and when the "Vat jou goed" team learned that there was a classroom for the special needs children that needed love - they jumped on the opportunity to make a difference.

At the Liv Village you can literally feel love in the air as you drive in and get welcomed by a larger-than-life cross overlooking the entire village which sets the tone for this Christian base organization.

On arrival Henck meets with the manager of the organisation who tells Henck more about their purpose and goals. The organisation hosts more than 800 children and it has been growing exponentially since its inception.

They head to meet Mrs. Kate, the special needs teacher.

The classroom hosts about 20 students that range in age. Henck introduces her to Kevin, Callie and Lara who are keen to improve the space for its students.

Kate points out the problems with the classroom. It is located outside and is made of wood. The problem is that it gets exceptionally hot during the summer and freezing cold during the winter.

Another problem is the far-left wall of the classroom. It is not solidly secured and moves when children lean on it.

Another problem is the floor. It is not even which is dangerous since the students often trip and fall on the uneven surface.

Lara points out that the classroom needs colour but teacher Kate asks that they stay away from bright yellow and orange colours as it may distract the students.

With the problems pointed out, the team sets course to remedy the issues and turn the classroom into a learner’s paradise for the much deserving students.

Henck asks Kevin if they can install a ceiling to remedy the temperature problem. Kevin unfortunately points out that since the wood walls are not secure and will always have wiggle room installing a ceiling won’t work as it might crack. Henck discusses the issue with Lara and the two of them come up with a plausible solution. They are going to cover the ceiling with fabric. This will not only be more visually pleasing but will also be a buffer to the harsh Durban climate.

The plan is to get it covered in blue fabric to represent the sky and install light fixtures in the form of clouds that Callie will build.

Callie also decides to tackle the walls of the classroom by installing a wood structure to minimize movement of the walls. The structure is designed to look like a castle that also serves as a room divider to create a nice reading corner.

Whilst Callie builds the structure, Henck and Lara head to the fabric store to buy the fabric.

Kevin starts to paint the walls to give it more life in a blue and green two-tone design to represent the sky and grass.

Top floors and carpets also jumps at the opportunity to help by installing a new wooden floor and by giving teacher Kate a new carpet for the reading corner.

While Lara and Henck are busy installing the fabric ceiling, Private Property arrives to lend a hand by upgrading the playground for the children.

Property agents Estelle Symcox (RE/MAX), Denis Dunn (Harcourts) and Wynand van Wyk (RealNET) also drop by to assists with final installation before Kate gets to see the final result of the team’s hard labour.

With the final touches done and everything set, Kate gets ready to see what the crew has been up to for the last 3 days.

They blindfold her and reveal the inside of the classroom. The walls have been painted and the floor replaced. The walls are secured with the beautiful castle structure and the classroom is dressed with the most beautiful toys, educational games, desks and posters. From the ceiling, there are wooden clouds with down lights that lightens up the room and look magical against the blue fabric ceiling.

Kate is overcome by emotion and starts to cry. It has exceeded her wildest expectation and she is completely overjoyed by the transformation.

Outside she is met by the Private Property team who shows her their hard work in the garden and playground. They have created a sensation garden with different types of gravel and different textures to stimulate the senses. They also repurposed old tires and planted flowers and plants in them.

The 3 days at the Liv Village were a huge success and Kate thanks everyone for bringing and adding love to the Village.

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