How will Private Property's new partnership benefit the real estate industry?

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Simon Bray, of Private Property, discusses the positive impact the new Private Property partnership will have on the real estate industry and for other shareholders.

Marc Maurel: So Private Property went from being this single-use website that I could go on and sell my property on, to now partnering with real estate agents, developers, etc., a lot of industry guys, to this phenomenal portal that you have at the moment. This must be really exciting for your partners and for the guys that have come on board and joined the journey of Private Property. What does it look like for the future for them?

Simon Bray: Well, I think that's what's fascinating about this mix of ownership that we now have in the business. We've got a representative base of shareholders from the real estate industry themselves, so guys that use our platform on a daily basis to advertise their listings to South Africa. They obviously have a vested interest in our platform performing, driving buyers to their properties, to their show days, and so they were very excited to partner with our business. And then the Caxton relationship, obviously, that's an opportunity for us to grow up, right? We're this website, kind of go it alone independent business, and now we're part of a massive media group. And so the partnership is very exciting, I think, for anybody in the real estate industry that uses Private Property to touch the consumer because there is a greater scale to what we're going to be doing. There is a greater opportunity and access for our business through the Caxton network.

Marc Maurel: Simon, so the future does look really bright for SA's favorite property portal?

Simon Bray: I think so. I mean, I think this is going to be a season where the business really starts to fly. We've got the right partners in place. We've got a passionate team of people that are enthusiastic about the innovation that we're bringing to the market. We've got some exciting new products for property shoppers in the wings. So I think it's going to be an excellent season for the business.

Marc Maurel: Excellent. So thanks so much for talking to me, and best of luck for the year ahead.


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