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The ‘Instant Bond Indicator®’ takes applying for a home loan to a whole new level

Nedbank Home Loans has launched the ‘Instant Bond Indicator®’, a new online tool that provides clients with an indication of the home loan amount they could qualify for in less than three minutes. Clients can use this tool anytime, anywhere, at their convenience.

The ‘Instant Bond Indicator®’ provides clients with vital information about their credit health, affordability, deposit required, expected instalments as well as other estimated costs associated with the loan such as transfer duties and attorney’s fees.

The tool may be used by anyone who wants to buy a property to get an indication of what Nedbank is willing to lend them upfront, whether they bank with Nedbank or not. Once a client finds the home they want, they can move on to complete the full home loan application. They will more than likely qualify for the amount provided by the ‘Instant Bond Indicator®’, as long as their personal information has not changed.

"The insight that led to the development of the tool is a direct result of listening to our clients’ request for a tool that would give them an indication of what they could qualify for before going through the full application process”

, said Timothy Akinnusi, Head of Sales and Client Management at Nedbank Home Loans.

“We are excited about the launch of the ‘Instant Bond Indicator®’ as it puts the power back in the hands of consumers. They will be better equipped for the process of searching for a home, with the confidence of knowing how much Nedbank will finance them for”, said Akinnusi. “Our aim is to ensure that getting finance for a home is an exciting and enjoyable experience from start to finish. All clients need to do is answer a few quick questions using any internet-enabled device (cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer). Once they receive their results, they can find the home they want and proceed with the full online application”, concludes Akinnusi.

The ‘Instant Bond Indicator®’ follows on from Nedbank’s award winning Home Loans Online Application Channel which offers a simple application process, providing clients with a credit decision within hours, anytime and anywhere. It enables clients to upload all their supporting documentation electronically, and to save and retrieve their applications online at their convenience. Since inception in 2012, the channel has seen over 40 000 applications from clients and has significantly improved the home loan application experience.

For more information click here, contact Nedbank on 0860 911 007 or visit your nearest Nedbank branch.


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