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Whither the agents
When times were good, all one needed to become an estate agent was a ‘rust bucket’ and a cell-phone.
Dear Mr Banker...
Key property experts were asked to share their queries and concerns about new bank trading terms.
Answers to the Ultimate Question - When to Buy?
The fact that I am writing this blog and you are engaged in reading it shows that we are still infatuated by property and real estate investment. You may think of it as an affliction, but it is in our nature to look for ...
Residential Building Activity Remains under Pressure
Data on residential building activity released by Statistics South Africa up to April 2009 indicate that the planning and construction phases of the housing sector remain depressed against ...
Important Clauses in an Offer to Purchase Document
Make sure you are 100% aware of your obligations in terms of the agreement.
Sealed bids: faster and fruitful
An attempt to gain the best possible price for sellers and to give all potential buyers a fair chance at purchasing a property.
Completing the Offer to Purchase Document
The safest way to purchase your home is for your estate agent or attorney to draft the Offer to Purchase Document and thoroughly explain all the clauses to you.
How to Use a House Price Index
House price indices are popping up like For Sale boards on a show day.
Property Law - In's and Out's
Part of a regular feature on the in's and out's of property law. In this edition, we look at things options available for buyers who are unable to secure bond finance, specifically Instalment Sale Agreements and Rental with an ...
Property Law - In's and Out's
Let's face it - very few of us who buy property are fully aware of all of the legal in's and out's. Keep abreast of the latest decisions and other things you may need to know through our regular feature on property law. In this ...