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The inside scoop on open mandates
Many people opt for giving open mandates to lots of agents thinking that it will get them more exposure, in reality it gets them less.
Your rights may come at a price
Tenants may be forgiven for thinking that they have every right to pack up and move on as they see fit, thanks to the CPA, however this is not the case.
Don’t be intimidated
Sellers shouldn’t rest on their laurels just because a sales agreement has been signed. Any agent will tell you that the hard work really only starts once the property has been sold and it is imperative for the seller to keep ...
Factors that affect property value
Research suggests that most buyers take only a few minutes to decide whether or not they like a property.
Community scheme meetings - The importance of attending meetings
One of the most consistent complaints we hear from managing agents and people serving as trustees concerns “owner apathy”. They say it can be nearly impossible to get anything non-routine done – decisions that can only be taken ...
Ensure your chances of bond approval
While the recession might still be fresh in the minds of some consumers, it appears that more prospective buyers are looking to enter the property market.
Embrace the property transfer
Are you unhappy about how long it takes to transfer your new home into your name? Have you been inconvenienced by transfer delays which meant you had to carry on renting in your old home? Have you had to reschedule your move ...
What you should know before making an offer
There are many important aspects that need to be taken into consideration before making an offer that will essentially bind you to the property.
Buying is wise compared to the short-term advantages of renting
The decision to buy or rent your home can generally be divided into two topics, financial and emotional. Each will influence the other in some way and it will be a different factor of influence for each and every property and ...
Beware of bogus agents
Although both home buyers and sellers have the legislated power to stop bogus estate agents in their tracks, many are not aware of the steps they can take – or of the dangers of dealing with ...