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Additions and alterations on sectional title homes
For those wanting to add on or make alterations to sectional title homes, make sure that you've read these points first.
How important is home security for buying and selling?
Highlighting the security features of your home may help you sell it quicker.
Beef up security to attract buyers and tenants
Top security tips for sellers and landlords.
5 reasons why downsizing is on trend
The trend in South Africa of downsizing to smaller homes is due to these factors.
Sectional Title schemes should hurry to go ‘green’
Sectional Title schemes should be taking steps to to ensure that residents have access to electricity and water supplies in the coming months.
Top 5 things for landlords to budget for
What to set aside for surprise expenses that may occur for landlords.
Freehold vs Sectional Title and Body Corporate vs HOA's explained
If you are about to buy, or already reside in an estate, you need to understand how and by what, the common areas are managed.
Are your body corporate rules reasonable?
Which rules are reasonable, and which are not, in a Homeowner Association (HOA) and body corporate.
Constitution and community schemes
Recent rulings with regards to gated estates should make HOA's think twice before imposing fines.
Insurance policy renewals in sectional title schemes
Why insurance policies in sectional titles need to be renewed and what should be included.