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Reserve Fund compliance now urgent for ST schemes
Sectional title schemes are required t be compliant with reserve fund provisions.
Home safety tips for the holidays
Keep your home safe with these following tips.
The criminal mind: defence against our vulnerabilities
How we can prevent and deal with potential invasions at home.
The POPI Act and privacy in community housing schemes
Learn more about how the POPI Act is applied in community housing schemes.
Here's how many pets you may have without breaking the law
There are rules as to how many pets you can own at a given time. This is done to protect the welfare of animals and to prevent animal abuse.
The best charming small towns of South Africa to live
South Africa is endowed with some charming small towns. Which ones stand out on the list?
Swift action needed now to collect arrear levies
Sectional Title (ST) schemes and Home Owners' Associations (HOA's) in South Africa will soon experience financial issues if levy payments aren't paid up to date.
The importance of plugs and how to wire a plug
A plug is a key electrical component in any residential or commercial building. How does one wire a plug?
How to deal with HOA levy defaulters
The legalities of dealing with homeowners who default on their levies.
Home security tips for single women
Single women are often easy targets by criminals in various neighbourhoods. How can women improve their security?