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Must-haves for first time home buyers
Congratulations! You’ve signed the paperwork and as the proud owner of your first home, you must be eager to settle in. Here's where to start and what to consider, when moving in.
Tips for choosing a generator
With load shedding back in full force, here's how to pick the right generator for your home.
Sectional titles are taking over in Cape Town
Why sectional title homes are dominating the Cape Town property market.
Investment opportunities in other African countries
Hear from the experts about where the best investment opportunities lie, in other African countries.
How to attract buyers and tenants in 2019
A look at the property trends for real estate investors in the year ahead.
Tips for using gas appliances in the home
Switching from electricity to gas? Before you do, take note of these do's and don'ts for using gas in your home.
New Year's resolutions for your home
New year, new room? Here’s how to shake up your home in line with your 2019 resolutions, without breaking your budget.
Understanding your rights to common property in sectional titles
One of the most frequent causes of friction between residents in ST schemes is misuse of the common property, so it is important to understand how it works.
7 ways you can be a better neighbour
Neighbourhood squabbles are time-consuming, annoying, and negatively affect your happy home. Here’s our how to guide on how to be a better neighbour.
Affordable micro-apartments now available in Cape Town
The Pinnacle will offer 239 well-priced, spacious and secure sectional-title apartments in the heart of Cape Town.