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Electrical hazards to beware of
Rolling blackouts and load shedding are more than just an inconvenience, and can cause damage to your property. Here's how to prevent this.
Changing the rules in a Sectional Title Scheme
If the owners in a specific Sectional Title scheme want to make new “house rules” for their scheme, it’s very important that they follow the proper procedure.
Maintenance and sectional title schemes
Maintenance is a collective business when it comes to sectional title schemes.
Sectional title levies versus freehold cost of ownership
When buying into a sectional title development, monthly levies and potential special levies are often deterring factors that could put off potential investors.
Tips for single women buying their first home
As women become the drivers of the property market, here are a few useful tips for single women who are entering the property market for the first time.
Sectional title living is an ever-increasing trend
Convenience is a key factor when choosing which home to buy or rent. Sectional title living provides this important feature.
Additions and alterations on sectional title homes
For those wanting to add on or make alterations to sectional title homes, make sure that you've read these points first.
How important is home security for buying and selling?
Highlighting the security features of your home may help you sell it quicker.
Beef up security to attract buyers and tenants
Top security tips for sellers and landlords.
5 reasons why downsizing is on trend
The trend in South Africa of downsizing to smaller homes is due to these factors.