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What are your rights when developers build next door?
Do property developers have a responsibility to let you know when they plan to develop next to your home? And can you object?
Guidelines for keeping birds as pets
Many people in South Africa are fond of keeping birds as pets, but could you run fowl of the law by keeping one on your property?
4 tips for buying property in an estate
When you buy into an estate, the future value of your property will be affected by how well the whole development is managed. Here's how to identify the best estate to invest in.
The pros and cons of buying development property
Developments are springing up everywhere to cater for the demand for new properties. As with any property purchase, there are pros and cons to choosing a new property over an existing one.
Noisy, nuisance neighbours? Know your rights
Neighbours making your life hell? Don’t despair – the law is on your side. Find out what your rights are when the noise levels and your blood pressure go up
Security in complexes is everyone’s responsibility
Security is one of the main reasons for moving into sectional title property but for the complex to be truly safe, everyone needs to be aware of their responsibilities.
Can my neighbour block my view?
What are a homeowner’s rights when a neighbour’s new building threatens to block their view? Uncovering the issues at the heart of the endless debates on protecting a view
Trend watch: Garages for electric cars
With the rise of eco-consciousness, and the ever-rising fuel costs, more and more South Africans are considering the electric car. Here's what you need to know about electric charge points.
10 Joburg suburbs where the average home costs under R1m
Affordability is a major concern for home buyers and most are looking for great value when they buy property. We've compiled a list of middle class suburbs where the average home costs less than R1m.
Koro Creek Golf Estate proving to be an excellent investment
This new estate being developed near Modimolle is the only one in the area, and investors who buy early could get a great return on their investment.