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Security tips for new homeowners
Do you want to feel safe in your new home? These are the security measures you need to put in place.
How to prepare for the holidays
It's the holiday season once again. Here are some tips on how you should get your home ready before you go away.
The magic of trusts and cashflows
Miguel Martins, Absa Portfolio Manager- Investors, covers two of the most important considerations on the path to financial freedom.
The latest mobile apps to enhance your security
Most of the apps listed were designed with the same objective in mind: to keep you safe.
The do’s and don’ts of home security
Home security should be prioritised by households by putting in place relevant systems and measures. Which ones should be considered?
Security tips to ensure the most efficient protection of your home
There is more to properly securing one’s home than merely installing a burglar alarm and there are also a number of crucial factors to take into consideration.
Homeowners are beefing up their security
In order to beef up security, these are the 8 security barriers that every SA household should consider.
National Wills Week 2021: If you own property, make sure your will is in order
A will is an important document which assists in handling assets in the unfortunate event of death. How should it be done?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way ahead for your loved ones
A will is an important document which outlines important aspects concerning assets. What constitutes a will and how should it be done?
Prioritising Female Leadership in Property
The property industry is led by capable men and women who provide much needed leadership. How much are women contributing in this regard?