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What to do about a derelict property in your neighbourhood
It’s an eyesore, it seems to attract criminal activity, and it’s bringing down your property value. What to do when there’s an unmaintained property in your neighbourhood?
How to grow veggies in your apartment
Even if you don't have a garden, you can still grow your own vegetables on your patio, balcony or window sills.
5 fire safety tips for your home
Fire safety is often an afterthought for homeowners, but installing fire safety equipment and implementing an evacuation plan is essential. Here's how you can keep your family and home safe.
Here's how much demand for sectional title property has grown
A new report reveals that fewer South Africans are buying freehold homes, with buyers opting for sectional title and estate homes instead.
Who is responsible for security in a rental property?
Crime is an unfortunate reality of living in South Africa and is one of the main priorities for tenants when looking for rental accommodation. But, is the landlord or tenant responsible?
Must know security tips for first-time home buyers
In the excitement of purchasing a new home, one important consideration is often overlooked – security. Arm yourself with these essential security tips for first-time home buyers.
How to get out of fines in estates and complexes
Breaking the rules in a complex or estate can lead to a fine, but are you obligated to pay it?
Apartments remain a popular Cape property option
Whether as buy-to-let investments or as a convenient home to those looking for secure, lock-up-and-go convenience, apartments remain a popular choice for property investment among Cape Town’s buyers.
3 ways to get to know your neighbours
There are many reasons to befriend your neighbour, but it can be tricky today. Here are some ways to make contact with your neighbour in the modern era.
How the "right of extension" clause can affect property values
Sectional Title home buyers need to look out for a “right of extension” clause in their sale agreement, because it could make a big difference to their property’s value in the future.