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Building insurance policies in sectional title schemes must meet the scheme’s full needs
Trustees of body corporates serving sectional title schemes,are often not aware that the Prescribed Management Rules governing sectional title schemes lay ...
Bond origination – what does the future hold?
Bond origination came into its own in South Africa when the property boom hit. Those times have long since gone, and as the South African property landscape has changed, so has the origination sector.
Know your body corporate rules
While living in a sectional title scheme offers a certain level of security to a safety-conscious South African society, problems can arise if buyers do not read the fine print.
Give your agent the right information
The more information you are willing to give to your agent, the quicker you’ll find the house of your dreams, at a price you can really afford.
Getting started to invest in property
Get the knowledge to give you the advantage Now is probably the best time ever to invest in property with prices at it lowest point and with medium- to long term recovery in sight it is probably ...
Choosing the right agent is key to a successful property transaction
Fully-qualified, professional estate agents have all the right knowledge and tools at their disposal to sell a property and to achieve the best possible price in the shortest possible time.
It’s time to brush up on those human resources skills
The proposed amendments to the labour laws will directly affect the property industry.
Occupational rent: Make sure you are covered
Reading the fine print and ensuring that every eventuality is covered in an agreement of sale is one of the most crucial aspects of buying or selling property.
Change is on the cards
The way estate agents advertise a property, what they tell the buyer and how they deal with the seller is all set to change when the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) comes into force.
Downsizing strategy for retirement
There are numerous lifestyle benefits to downsizing from a large, free standing, full title suburban property to a home such as a sectional title unit in a secure complex or retirement estate.