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A wish list will help buyers choose the ideal property
Many property buyers spend less time deciding whether or not to buy a property than most people dedicate to choosing a coffee table.
Pre auction, Auction, Sheriff, Repossessed & PIP Properties
What amazing times we live in. On Friday we found out that FNB alone has over 90 000 home owners who are distressed sellers...
Seeing Vacant Land for Sale as an Investment
While buying to build could be more expensive than buying a house, vacant land for sale could be an excellent long term investment. Vacant land, especially somewhere close to the sea, continues to appreciate in value, without you ...
Independent estate agency or franchise - which option is best?
Stick with the pride or go it alone - the battle for survival continues in the real estate world.
There is no doubt that in any market, buying the right property for the right price is vital. We are seeing a period where residential properties are being bought at auction at good prices.
How to Avoid Repossession
The interest rate is currently at its lowest level in years. The recent drop in interest rates implies that most home owners are paying less interest on their mortgage.
Vacant Land For Sale: To Build or To Buy?
Build or buy? That is the big question when you consider moving. An important decision maker is often cost. There was a point where it was cheaper to for vacant land for sale and then build your brand new dream home on that piece ...
How the Bond Registration Process Works
You have finally found the perfect house for sale after weeks of checking property websites and driving up and down the city. Don’t let the bond registration process get in the way of your excitement. While all the jargon might ...
The Man in the Middle
Batting for the seller: the agent, the principal and the conveyancer. Batting for the buyer: himself.
How to: Apply For a Home Loan
You’re hoping to enter the property market for the first time, or upgrade your existing place. Here’s how to ensure the bank approves your loan.