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How to: Apply For a Home Loan
You’re hoping to enter the property market for the first time, or upgrade your existing place. Here’s how to ensure the bank approves your loan.
Home Repairs: Fix Contract of Sale First
An ill-fitting door or a broken light fixture may not be a deal-breaker when you buy a new home – but don’t expect the seller to fix them at his expense.
How To: Buy a House
How to buy a house, we share important tips that will help you make the biggest investment of your life
Home Is where the heart is
Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a veteran, buying a home is a complex process, even more so when you are searching for your perfect family home. 
How To: Sell Your House at Auction
Wondering how to sell your house at auction? Find tips on how to attract a successful bid when putting your property for sale at auction.
Tax and Property
Buying a House in South Africa  Numerous property buyers have asked me the question ‘In which entity should I buy a house/flat or holiday home?’ Each person’s circumstances differ, and it is not a straight forward answer. What is ...
My view on the leisure property market 2010 and beyond
I attended the property wealth seminar last week in Cape Town. It was fantastic to see the optimism and forward thinking in the room, not only from the experienced panel but also from the 100+ delegates attending. What a place to ...
If you cannot attend your sectional title AGM, appoint a proxy
Although a fairly high percentage of sectional title schemes in South Africa are poorly run and even heading for big debt and maintenance problems, there is, says Michael Bauer
We know that when property prices bubble it’s not good. A bubble, defined as a “trade in products or assets with inflated values” is really hard to predict and as most of you experienced over the last 2 years, is only evident ...
Open mandates open the door to home sale problems
Here's why you shouldn't switch from a sole mandate to an open one.