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How to Use a House Price Index
House price indices are popping up like For Sale boards on a show day.
Property Law - In's and Out's
We look at options available for buyers who are unable to secure bond finance, specifically Instalment Sale Agreements and Rental with an option to purchase.
Property Law - In's and Out's
Let's face it - very few of us who buy property are fully aware of all of the legal in's and out's. Keep abreast of the latest decisions and other things you may need to know through our regular feature on property law. In this ...
Dig this student accommodation
The demand for student accommodation in South Africa is “insatiable”.
Property Law – Case Studies of Interest
When buying or selling property, it's important to know your rights and obligations in terms of the law. Below are a couple of recent case studies which are important to note should you find yourself in a similar ...
Understanding the different forms of ownership
Information on the different forms of property ownership.
“Point of maximum pessimism” - Now, gone or coming?
In August 2008 I presented at the Erwin Rode conference in my capacity as CEO of International Property Solutions (IPS).
Patent and Latent Defects and the 'Voetstoots' Clause
When purchasing property, it is vital that you inspect the property you intend to buy thoroughly.
Buying Off Plan Can Have Huge Benefits
Thinking of investing in off the plan apartments? Find out about the benefits and pitfalls to watch out for when buying off the plan.
Investing in property on the South African coastline just got easier
With everything heading south, is the ownership of a second property on the coast of South Africa a good investment?