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Tapping into your property’s equity for an extra boost of funds
Accessing some of the equity in your property can assist with much needed financial liquidity. How can this be done?
With yet another interest rate cut, it’s a good time to consider buying instead of renting a home
Buying a home may benefit you more than renting in this current economy.
Protect your home from damage this winter
The steps you can take to make sure your home is protected from weather conditions in winter.
How pre-qualifying for a home loan can support your offer to purchase
Applying for pre-qualification for a home loan can help you make an offer to purchase in order to apply for bond finance.
How to cut expenses from your budget
Learning how to manage your finances is an important aspect of financial freedom.
Here’s how using a bond originator can help you get onto the property ladder
Here's how bond originators can help you get the best home loan possible.
Selling your house before paying off your home loan
Here's how to sell your home prior to paying off your bond.
Advice to tenants who can no longer afford their lease
Many people have lost a significant amount of income and as a result, can no longer afford their rent. Here's what tenants who are in arrears can do:
Financially distressed home owners have options
If you are financially distressed, there are a number of avenues you can take to alleviate the constrain.
Top global retirement destinations to consider
Preparing for retirement is one of the mos important steps one will make in their lifetime. Here are some elite and affordable retirement destinations you can consider.