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What to consider before taking a 100% home loan
It may be tempting for first time buyers to want a 100% home loan, after recent adjustments to the transfer duty threshold. However, these points should be considered first.
Property flipping guide: A guide for investors
A guide on how to buy-to-sell a fixer-upper and flip it for maximum profit.
Property flipping guide: 01 Run your numbers and buy right
Find out how to select the right property for flipping (also known as) or buy-to-sell strategies.
Property flipping guide: 02 Understanding the costs
Learn more about the renovation and holding costs involved with flipping a buy-to-sell property.
Property flipping guide: 03 Know the market value of the renovated property
How to work out the market value of your renovated investment property, before looking at flipping it.
Property developer guide: Getting started
Learn about the first steps to becoming a property developer in South Africa.
Property developer guide: A guide to becoming a property developer
Moving onto development is an exciting prospect, but it is best that you start small and take time to understand the processes involved.
Property developer guide: The 7 development project steps
Find out about the “blueprint” to almost every development.
Property developer guide: 3 different strategies
Learn about the main 3 strategies that developers can adopt.
Buy-to-let guide: Managing tenant relationships
How to manage your own rental. There are a few things you need to be cognisant of.