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Impacts of the repo rate cuts on the private property market
Past, present and future - we track how the repo rate has impacted the property market, and what the recent rate cuts mean for home buyers and sellers.
Last wills and testaments: the essential guide for the inclusion of your private property assets
If you own a property, ensure that you have a valid will, else it may not end up in the hands of the person/s you wanted to inherit the property.
Repo rate cut sure to boost property
The lowest repo rate in almost 50 years could help the property market to weather the current recession.
Save for that rainy day
It’s important to have an emergency fund to tap into when you might be without an income for a while.
Your lockdown property questions answered
The experts answer your frequently asked property-related questions for the Covid-19 lockdown.
Home insurance claims during the lockdown
Dealing with insurance claims during the national Covid-19 lockdown.
Business as usual for banks during lockdown
Banks will be open and your money will be accessible during the countrywide lockdown.
Align your home loan to a COVID-19 payment relief programme
If your personal or business financial plan is in disarray as a result of South Africa’s lockdown measures, the payment relief plan for Absa clients will provide an effective short-term solution.
15 ways to cut back on household expenses
How to make ends meet during a time of uncertainty.
7 ways to respond to Moody's downgrade
The experts weigh in on what Moody's downgrade will actually mean for the people of South Africa right now.