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The long term value of property
Knowledge Factory’s SAPTG undertook an analysis of an average priced property over the past five, 10, 15 and 20 years to determine the long-term value of property.
Sealed bids: faster and fruitful
An attempt to gain the best possible price for sellers and to give all potential buyers a fair chance at purchasing a property.
How to Use a House Price Index
House price indices are popping up like For Sale boards on a show day.
Property Law - In's and Out's
Let's face it - very few of us who buy property are fully aware of all of the legal in's and out's. Keep abreast of the latest decisions and other things you may need to know through our regular feature on property law. In this ...
“Point of maximum pessimism” - Now, gone or coming?
In August 2008 I presented at the Erwin Rode conference in my capacity as CEO of International Property Solutions (IPS).
Sectional Title Scheme Management: What Investors Need To Know
Subject to local authority town planning regulations, building restrictions and common law, owners of freehold title properties are free to manage their properties as they please. A sectional title owner however, is governed by ...
Property Rates - Is your Valuation Fair?
Many concerned property owners are asking the question, "What's going to happen to our property rates in 2008?" Since the last municipal valuations were done in 2001 and the subsequent boom ...
There is No Catch to Selling Privately
Private Property was started in a garage in 1998, with the objective of helping private sellers to sell their own homes privately by advertising their properties on the Internet. The main ...
Property Tips - National Show Day
Having a show day helps you sell Private Property encourages sellers to 'pull out all the stops' on National Show Day, which is held once a month all around the country. Last month's National ...
Home Loan Talk – Sectional Title vs Cluster Ownership
There is much confusion surrounding sectional title ownership and cluster ownership. Although they look the same, it is important to understand the difference between the two types of ownership.