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Can a landlord legally disconnect a tenant's utilities?
Q&A with Michelle Dickens from the Tenant Profile Network Transcript: The disconnection of utilities, both electricity and water, is illegal in terms of the Rental Housing Act. That applies to residential tenants. In terms of ...
Balancing the Rights of Landlords and Tenants
Has South Africa gone overboard in its determination to defend the rights of tenants or are we simply coming to terms with what needed to be corrected?
New CPA Rules Entitle a Tenant to Cancel Lease
A fair amount of confusion and dismay has become evident among landlords and tenants following the promulgation of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).
Rental Housing Tribunal - Fighting for Landlords and Tenants Alike
It is important to note that although the Rental Housing Tribunal has helped thousands of landlords and tenants resolve issues pertaining to rental properties, the service is not available throughout South Africa and, at this ...
Don’t be Duped By Fake Rental Agents
Imagine that you plan a holiday, find the ideal spot, pay an enormous deposit, pack the car and head for paradise, only to discover after a long car trip that the holiday of a lifetime you booked online is actually a scam and ...
The fine print of moving house
While packing and unpacking boxes may be a large part of moving homes, it is not the only aspect that new homeowners need to consider when changing their address. He ...
The ugly side to sole mandates
In a recent article we noted that sellers who chose to market their properties under a sole mandate agreement could be better off than those who chose to use multiple agents to sell their homes.
Scam Alert! Beware of the following messages
In life, there will always be bad apples. Our bad apples come in the form of fraudulent operators posing as landlords.
Do Your Research on Prospective Tenants
In a recent report issued by the Tenant Profile Network (TPN) it was noted that 81 percent of South African tenants are in good standing with their rental payments. Although this figure has not changed from the previous quarter, ...
Wanted: Dead or Alive - Landlords Witholding Deposits
Tenants who believe that their landlords are unfairly withholding their deposits can report the matter to the Rental Housing Tribunal. If some of the comments left on the Private Property website ...