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The Hidden Costs of Property Sales

It's an amazing feeling. You've just completed the largest transaction of your life: the sale of your old house and the purchase of a brand new home. Your future is set and it's time to crack open the bottle of bubbly and celebrate. But there's something you haven't thought about. Something that can very easily destroy the dream you worked so hard to realise... The hidden costs of property sales.

These costs are varied and can amount to large sums of money. Settlement of rates in arrears, transfer duties, deposit payments, mover fees... the list goes on. You thought you had these costs covered from the proceeds of the sale of your old property, but the truth of the matter is, the property transfer process is long and tedious. So while this stack of paperwork is slowly generated, your funds remained locked up, completely unavailable to you.

This situation is unfortunately far too common. Throw in other unexpected living expenses – school fees, car repairs, yet another petrol hike – and suddenly your dream has turned into a nightmare.

Your funds remain locked up in the transfer process

But there's a very simple solution to this problem, a solution that has been in front of you all along. The proceeds from the sale of your house can indeed solve all these problems - the secret, of course, is finding the trick that unlocks these funds quickly and effortlessly.

And that's where Rodel Bridging Finance steps in.

Rodel can give you access to the funds from the sale of your property. More than 80% of applications received by Rodel are paid out within 24 hours. No waiting, no hassle, no stress, no admin nonsense. Just give us a call, and tomorrow you could be walking away with up to 80% of the full proceeds of the sale of your property. That's cash. In your pocket. Right now.

That's cash. In your pocket. Right now.

David has an interesting story to tell. Last year he sold his old place for R850 000 and bought a new home for R1 200 000. He owed R10 000 in rates on his old property and was short by R35 000 in transfer duties on his new property. Furthermore, school fees for his 2 kids totaled R10 000 and on top of that he needed to put down a R10 000 deposit on a new car for his wife.

David needed R65 000 to cover all these expenses. And he needed it fast.

He gave Rodel a call, and within 24 hours had access to the full R65 000. And what do you think this cost him? Would you believe the total cost was less than R100 per day?

Within 24 hours David had access to the full R65 000.

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