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Episode 11: Moving on after a loss
In this episode, the team help Johan, who has lost his wife, sell their family home and move on.
Episode 12: Time to give back
In the spirit of Christmas, the team heads to Durban to renovate a classroom at the Liv Village.
Episode 10: Moving back to Gauteng
In this week’s episode of Vat Jou Goed en Trek, the team helps a couple sell their Cape Town home so they can move back to Gauteng.
Episode 9: Time to downsize
In this episode, the team help a family sell a home that is too big for them, now that the children are moving out.
Episode 8: Selling up to upsize
In this episode, the team travels to Cape Town to meet a family who need to sell in order to buy a bigger house.
Episode 7: Renovating a Cape Town home
The Vat Jou Goed en Trek team, visit married couple Tracy and Graeme in Cape Town.
Episode 6: Five families, one home in need of a revamp
Henck and the team head to KZN’s South Coast to help 5 families renovate and sell their home in Southport.
Episode 5: Revamp in Randpark
This week the team travel to Randpark to help a family sell their home, which they have lived in for many years.
Episode 4: Modernising a Boksburg family home
The team heads to Boksburg to help home owner, Viv renovate and sell her house that she and her husband built 39 years ago.
Episode 3: Moving on after 4 decades
After 40 years in the same house, Wolfgang is ready to sell up and move on. His outdated house is, however, turning buyers off.