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Covid 19: What to do about sectional title AGM's
This time of year is AGM season for many sectional title schemes. Here's what to do about these, in the midst of Covid-19 concerns.
Will Coronavirus impact the property market?
Coronavirus impact unlikely to derail residential property market in the long term.
Sellers guide: Moving tips
Take the stress out of moving home, with these useful tips.
Sellers guide: Getting your home ready to sell
Learn how to make your home appealing to as many people as possible.
Sellers guide: A guide to selling your property successfully
Selling your home can be a tricky process to navigate as there are many factors to consider when pricing your home, and various ways to go about selling.
Hygiene tips for your Show Day
Making sure your property is spick and span for Show Day is important, but there’s a big difference between fluffing the cushions and conducting a deep clean.
Sellers guide: Deciding on a selling price
How to figure out a fair selling price for your home.
Sellers guide: How to sell your home
The pros and cons of selling yourself versus using a traditional estate agency versus using an online estate agency versus property auctions.
Sellers guide: The costs involved with selling your home
Find out about the costs incurred when selling your home
Sellers guide: Advertising your home and show days
How to advertise your home and host successful show days.