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Sectional title living in Eshowe
The demand for sectional title homes in Eshowe, KwaZulu Natal, is at an all-time high.
Property owners waiting 10 years before selling
What does this mean, and if you want or need to sell now, what can you do to realise the best return on your investment?
Keep your doors open to buyers this summer
Why you shouldn't take the For Sale boards down over the summer holiday period.
Behind the scenes of a property transaction
From start to finish, the sale of a property involves a cast of professionals and institutions to make it happen, with an array of fees and costs that not everyone is aware of.
Seller’s guide to pricing property right
For most sellers, property pricing is the most important factor in the sale. Here's how to get it right.
Pricing your home to sell
In today’s housing market, both sellers and buyers are bombarded with a variety of often mixed messages on pricing their homes to sell, or an array of bargains at reduced prices.
Safety concerns during home sales
To avoid becoming victims of crime, sellers will need to proceed with caution before allowing strangers into their home.
Don't make the value vs marketability mistake
The most common mistake sellers make, especially given the current market conditions, is failing to distinguish between the actual value of their home and its current marketability.
Compliance certificates needed when selling your home
Sellers are responsible for providing certificates of compliance (CoC), but buyers also need to know what they entail.
6 myths preventing your property sale
Over pricing and other common property selling mistakes - how to sell your home in the current market.