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What happens after you sign an Offer to Purchase?
You’ve found the house of your dreams, the one where you can picture your family growing old in and you’ve signed the offer to purchase which was accepted by the seller. Now what?
5 tips to get your home sold faster
Selling a home is stressful, here's how to lessen your stress and make sure that your home doesn't take too long to sell.
Freehold vs Sectional Title and Body Corporate vs HOA's explained
If you are about to buy, or already reside in an estate, you need to understand how and by what, the common areas are managed.
Overpricing your home hurts more than it helps
When selling your home, it is crucial to get the pricing just right, here's why.
Do show days still work?
Property websites are a great place for buyers to browse, but do show days still add value?
Where do home buyers come from?
Gone are the days where local flyer drops and property advertisements were the main source of buyers.
Bond approvals as a suspensive condition
If a bond approval is included as a suspensive condition in an offer to purchase, does this include the terms and conditions thereof?
Market your rental property right
Your investment property is ready for rental. Here are four ways to ensure your listing attracts the right attention.
Buying and selling simultaneously
Buying and selling homes simultaneously can cause homeowners to make some rash decisions, here's how to avoid this.
Constitution and community schemes
Recent rulings with regards to gated estates should make HOA's think twice before imposing fines.