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Price your property correctly
Although it sounds a little ridiculous, there are some sellers out there who treat the sale of their home like a game of Russian roulette. Even those who are serious about selling and fully understand that they have to sell ...
Overpricing your property
Virtually every person who decides to sell their property believes that the property is worth much more than what it actually is.
No, you cannot simply cancel the house sale
It’s not uncommon for buyers to try to cancel a house sale after signing the contract. Private Property discusses the implications of breaching a sale contract.
Landlords need to protect themselves
Economic hardship is putting tenants under pressure, creating problems for landlords and affecting the quality of rental properties. There are clear signs that some tenants are struggling to pay their monthly rentals. High ...
Protect yourself from bogus landlords
Although the Internet has made it easier to find a property to rent, it has also made it far easier for those intent on scamming you out of your money to make a living. While this has been going on for some time, a recent ...
Investing in a buy-to-let
The latest TPN (Tenant Profile Network) report, according to Stats SA, mentions that 75% of landlords are actually micro-landlords (own one to ten properties and rent them out). If you are this type of landlord it is important ...
Turning a bad building around
It sometimes happens that sectional title buildings encounter problems of mismanagement and become run down, even possibly unsafe in some cases and where the trustees have not taken due care of the management of the building. It ...
How to avoid early cancellation penalty fees
Part with your mortgage provider as trouble-free as possible. Use this guide to bond cancellation fees to clear up any confusion.
Does the CPA protect home buyers?
Home buyers can cut through all the current confusion over the consumer protection act and property sales by insisting on an independent home inspection before they sign an offer.
Building on common property in sectional title
If a group of owners wish to build on a common property, what are the steps required to make this happen? For example, what would happen if the owners wanted to build a swimming pool? Individual owners can only build on the ...