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The first homeowners guide
Handy guidelines to some of the basic things you need to know about buying a home.
Is ‘pre-approved bond/home loan’ a misnomer?
Pre-approved is often a contentious term during property acquisition processes. What is the correct interpretation and application of this term?
Property stokvels – pros and cons
Stokvels in South Africa are big business - and are becoming more prominent. How are they done, and what are the pros and cons?
Rental market slowly stabilising
South Africa’s rental market has continued to stabilise due to a number of factors. Here’s what landlords and tenants can expect.
Investing in commercial property
Investing in commercial property is a crucial business decision that needs to be carefully done. Here is some advice for first-time investors.
Property Inheritance
Property inheritance can prove very complicated if not well handled. However, this is how you can pave the way for your heirs to inherit your property.
How do renovations affect building insurance?
It’s important to inform your insurance company about your plans to ensure your home insurance policy remains in effect throughout this period.
Exploring first generation homeownership in SA
First generation homeownership is a property trend which can be very challenging. What type of challenges are these?
Rental income and tax
Paying tax is a legal obligation. Get to know which rental expenses are deductible for tax purposes.
The latest mobile apps to enhance your security
Most of the apps listed were designed with the same objective in mind: to keep you safe.