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Financially distressed home owners have options
As lockdown moves into its third month, household budgets have become severely constrained.
Home Loan Tips For Repeat Buyers
Purchasing a home is an exciting time for any home buyer regardless of whether it’s their first or second time. What home loan tips could you as a repeat buyer make note of for the second time around?
4 spending habits to avoid
Potential home buyers should pay attention to these factors which could impact their ability to qualify for home finance.
Why taking care of your home is good for insurance
Taking out home insurance is one of the biggest favours you can do for yourself as a homeowner, but how do you ensure there are few hassles when it comes time to claim?
Solutions for homeowners in financial distress
The Covid-19 pandemic has left many people in financial distress, here are some options for homeowners who are struggling.
Purchasing property post lockdown
Here’s what property buyers need to know about the way forward after SA's lockdown.
Millennials - it's your time to get a foot on the property ladder
The current financial crisis in which we find ourselves presents a unique opportunity for Millennials and first-time buyers who might now be able to find their dream home at an affordable price.
Do's and don'ts of home equity
Many homeowners who have equity available in the bond accounts might be tempted to withdraw some of the money and use it for more immediate needs or wants.
Should you choose a fixed or a variable bond payment option?
The pros and cons of fixed bond and variable bond payments.
How to bridge the home buying financial gap
Bridging the financial gap between the sale and transfer of a home during the lockdown period.