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FNB Commercial Property Finance Property Insights
This year’s SARB rate-cutting stimulus to date does not appear to be boosting commercial property.
Understanding ‘access’ and how it works in the home loan environment
Home loans are sought after by first time and existing home buyers. How much access information is available?
Absa’s Q2 2020 results from its Homeowner Sentiment Index reveals shifts in market
The property market has gone through some shifts especially during the covid-19 era. What do sentiment indicators point to?
What do you do with your holiday homestay rental property?
Many owners of homestay accommodation (for example Airbnb listings) are considering securing longer leases for their properties.
Understand the value of life insurance relative to your home loan
Insurance is a big part of home loan financing. Why is it important to understand the relationship between insurance and home loans?
6 Ways to make your bond work for you
Learn how to navigate the current economic times by using your home loan to advance your finances.
Choose the Right Property for Your Investment Needs
Property is a long term investment which provides security to individuals and families. How can one chooose the right property?
Buying an investment home for retirement
Practical steps on how you can buy a property that meets your immediate and long term needs.
Advice for buying a property on a single income
Single women make up the largest portion of real estate buyers in South Africa, showing that buying property on a single income is possible.
South Africa’s first Eco Home Loan
Absa has created an eco home loan, making this the first of its kind in South Africa.