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Key considerations for non-resident property investors
South Africa offers diverse property investment opportunities. What are the prevailing conditions, and what the key considerations are for non-resident property investors?
The difference between building insurance and home contents insurance
It’s not uncommon for people taking out home insurance to get confused between home contents insurance and building insurance.
If you own a home, you should have bond insurance
Insurance cover is an important consideration for home owners. Why is bond insurance in particular important?
The state of distressed property sales since lockdown
South Africa’s property market has continued to record distressed properties caused by homeowners who have fallen into financial difficulties.
How to estimate your home contents value
When taking out home contents insurance it’s important to provide a correct estimate of your contents’ worth.
Ongoing record-low interest rate bolsters property market confidence
Interest rates play a huge role in the financial and property markets. What is the current state of affairs?
How to grow your property investment portfolio through co-buying
Buying property is a viable avenue to wealth creation. How can co-buying, a buying partnership or syndicate help in this regard?
Key rental agreement guidelines
Are you a renter? These are the key points you need to pay attention to in the rental agreement.
The difference between ordinary home loans and building loans
This is what you need to know about the two types of home loan banks are prepared to grant.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way ahead for your loved ones
A will is an important document which outlines important aspects concerning assets. What constitutes a will and how should it be done?