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A struggling rental market in slow recovery
The rental market is experiencing a slow recovery. What are the factors contributing to this?
Buying Property 101: How to Improve Your Credit Score
A credit score can positively or negatively affect your prospects of buying a property.
How to negotiate rental escalations
Rental prices have been on the increase and will continue to be for many years to come. How can you negotiate rentals?
Top tips for a stress-free move with children and pets
PLANNING AND PREPARATION: Strategic planning will significantly reduce the impact of the move on the whole family.
How to make a smooth move out of town
Ever since Covid-19 put everyone in SA into a hard lockdown at home, there has been a steady increase in the number of people rethinking their housing choices.
Knowing you're ready to move out of home
Record low interest rates have pushed a steady stream of first-time buyers into the property market, either moving from rental properties or simply leaving their family home.
Key things you need to consider before renting a property
Renting property is a financial and legal matter which requires careful attention. What should be considered in this regard?
How to improve your credit score to buy a house
Credit scores are seriously considered when it comes to obtaining credit from established lenders.
Property investment tips for beginners
Making property investment decisions can be difficult for beginners. How can this be made easier?
Relocating Elderly Parents As They Become More Dependent
How to make sure your elderly parents are well taken care of during their golden years.