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Renters guide: A guide for tenants
A step-by-step guide to lead you through the renting process, allowing you to make the best renting decisions.
Registration and Transfer Costs - Explained
Find out the estimated costs of buying a property, when to pay, who to pay, and what the money is used for.
Why do tenants move so often?
The results of Just Property’s survey of tenants are in, and landlords and letting agents are in for an eye opener.
How to be a good roommate
Many people will live under the same roof with other people who are not their family members at one or another stage of their life.
Is now a good time to rent?
Rental price growth is under pressure countrywide, so tenants are in the pound seats – at least for now.
Overview of the current Gauteng rental market
While the rental market in Gauteng remains extremely competitive at the moment, there is still great rental demand and many people – especially millennials – prefer renting to buying currently.
Rental property maintenance
Who is responsible for the different aspects of maintaining a rental property?
How to be a great housemate
What does being a great housemate mean and what behaviours promote a peaceful co-existence on a practical, day-to-day level?
What to consider before buying in the CBD
The pro's and con's of moving into the city.
How to manage maintenance issues with your landlord
What do you do when you feel that your landlord isn’t fulfilling their maintenance obligations?