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Home buyers head to warmer climes north of Durban
Durban has continued to be a prime destination for many. Apart from its warm climate, what else is attracting many people?
What to do when a tenant asks for pets
Pet-friendly homes are highly sought after by tenants. What should you do when you come across a tenant with pet requirements?
Be respectful when entering a Zulu home
The Zulu people are considered as custodians of very rich traditions and practices. How should one conduct himself when visiting a Zulu home?
Community housing schemes must urgently appoint Information Officers
The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) which has come into effect today has created an urgent need for Information Officers.
Advice for landlords - How to evict delinquent tenants
Landlords need to follow the correct eviction process to avoid adverse legal and financial consequences.
Advice for tenants - Make sure you get your deposit refunded
Rental deposit refunds are probably the biggest cause of friction between landlords and tenants.
Accessing the Rental Housing Tribunal to resolve disputes
The provincial Rental Housing Tribunals are independent statutory bodies established in terms of section 7 of the Rental Housing Act (Act no 50 of 1999), to resolve disputes.
Understanding real estate abbreviations
Real estate terminology can be unfamiliar and difficult to understand especially for industry outsiders. Here is what you need to know.
Residential tenant rights
In this article,we outline tenant rights & responsibilities of residential landlords, including deposit refunds and ‘fair wear and tear’.
Family migrations: how do they affect seniors?
Emigration and ‘semigration’ have been a reality for many families in South Africa and beyond. What are the factors behind this and how can families deal with this?