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How to apply for a home loan when self-employed
Self-employed bond applicants face a trickier process when applying for a home loan. Here's how to successfully navigate the bond application process when self-employed.
Covid-19 tempts SA buyers away from dense city living
DECENTRALISATION: Almost overnight, one of the key trends for the 21st century has been turned on its head.
Rental arrears worsen with further decline expected
The current economic climate has lead to an increase in rental arrears, leading to property market growth being affected negatively.
How to cancel your lease and downgrade without hidden costs
Many tenants will now be looking to downgrade to more affordable premises and will need to cancel their leases.
What landlords can do when tenants break their lease early
Is it possible for tenants to get out of a lease agreement without being in breach of the contract?
5 steps landlords can take against late-paying tenants
Many landlords may find themselves in a predicament where their tenant is no longer able to pay monthly rent due to current economic circumstances.
Smoothing the way to a downsize
If you're a homeowner planning on moving to a smaller property, now is the time to start making those tough decisions.
Moving house during the lockdown
New regulations permit home owners and tenants to relocate between 7 May and 7 June 2020.
Post-lockdown rental market boom
The residential market will boom once the full Lockdown is lifted in terms of activity, but rental rates will come under tremendous pressure according to the Seeff Property Group.
Why you should be monitoring your tenants’ water and electricity consumption
Water consumption and electricity usage are two variables that can account for a large portion of a landlord’s expenses.