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Rental deposit guidelines
Rental deposit disputes are very common in South African. What are the causes and how best should this be handled?
Ultimate guide to moving with Cats
Cats naturally become part of the family set up in many households. When it comes to moving, how can you make it a good experience for them?
Real estate fraud awareness – how to avoid falling prey to scamsters
Fraud in the real estate industry is becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated...
7 Places to get free moving boxes South Africa
Securing your possessions is of prime importance when moving. Where can someone get free moving boxes in South Africa?
Are office to residential conversions the solution to vacant buildings
The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively affected the office property market segment. Can converting office space in South African cities to residential apartments be the solution?
Small courtyards ideas for all seasons
Turn your courtyard into a special place where you'll want to spend time in all seasons.
Household insurance when moving
What type of insurance is required when moving, what is on offer and what you should avoid ?
A template for lease agreements
A lease agreement is an important document which is designed to clearly outline responsibilities and legal guidelines between a landlord and a tenant.
Check out the neighbours before you buy
Neighbours are a big factor when buying or renting a property. What should you look out for in this regard?
How to move house like a pro for less
Moving homes can be a stressful and expensive process for many. How can you can move like a pro without unnecessary stress?