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Rules for rentals during lockdown
The lockdown situation has left many tenants and landlords in precarious positions.
Your lockdown property questions answered
The experts answer your frequently asked property-related questions for the Covid-19 lockdown.
How to transition from empty nest to full again
The looming economic crunch in the wake of the Covid19 crisis will no doubt see many adult children, some with families of their own, moving back in with their parents.
Solutions for landlords and tenants impacted by lockdown
If you are in the situation where your income is threatening your ability to pay rent, you must take action now, rather than later.
Lockdown plans for tenants and landlords
How your lease could change during the lockdown in South Africa.
Renters guide: Signing on the dotted line
Information on the lease agreement and renting from a landlord versus an agent.
Sellers guide: Moving tips
Take the stress out of moving home, with these useful tips.
Renters guide: The landlord-tenant relationship
How to deal with problems that may arise between landlords and tenants, and who is responsible for what.
Renters guide: Getting your ducks in a row
The first steps to getting yourself ready for renting a home.
Renters guide: How to deal with the deposit
The ins and outs of how a rental deposit should be handled.