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4 tips for buying property in an estate
When you buy into an estate, the future value of your property will be affected by how well the whole development is managed. Here's how to identify the best estate to invest in.
8 fundamentals that every property investor should know
Different investors buy for different reasons, but there are some common fundamentals that should drive all property investments.
The pros and cons of buying development property
Developments are springing up everywhere to cater for the demand for new properties. As with any property purchase, there are pros and cons to choosing a new property over an existing one.
Young buyers are spending more on homes
Consumers in the upper income groups may be scaling down and buying less expensive homes, but those in the lower income groups continue to pay more for their properties.
Where buyers in Gauteng should look for entry level homes
These are the areas in Gauteng that have the highest number of first time buyers.
Should you sell in a down market, or wait it out?
Economists have downgraded their outlook for the property market this year. With a slowdown in demand and prices expected, sellers may be wondering whether they should sell now, or wait it out
Private Property restoring rights through title deeds
Private Property, together with the Khaya Lam Land Reform Project, will be giving away 30 title deeds on Wednesday 11 July 2018 to 30 families in Ngwathe, Parys.
Is buying property always a good investment?
The current buyer’s market is great for property shoppers, but does this mean that everyone who has a steady job and income should rush out and invest in bricks and mortar? Consider these factors.
Jawitz Properties features in US property show
Jawitz Properties represents top 'Global Homes' Finalist in HGTV's Ultimate House Hunt. The annual promotion curates the world’s most stunning real estate listings.
More foreigners are buying South African property
Buoyed by positive sentiment in the country since the start of the year, foreign buyers are snapping up South African property again.