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How to attract foreign investors
Tips on how to make your luxury property reach an international market.
Holiday homes are flourishing
Looking for a holiday home to invest in? Now is a great time to buy, and here's what to look for.
Could You Live In A Smaller Home?
Living small is right on trend, but is it really suitable for your lifestyle?
Why now is the time to purchase a Buy-To-Let student apartment
Many factors suggest that the latter half of the year may just be the right time to commit to the buy-to-let market.
Generation Z want to own property before 30
It’s Youth Month, when SA focuses on those aged between 18 and 35, however within this group there are 2 distinct types of consumers with 2 different ideas on real estate.
What it costs for a holiday home in Cape Town
Holiday properties are increasingly sought after as people look for alternatives to traditional hotels, often now choosing Airbnb, or, preferably to invest in their own holiday apartment.
KZN's north coast is booming
Massive new developments are happening on the KZN north coast, making it an even more desirable place to live.
Don't let your home go to auction
When financial problems hit, if you are unable to afford your bond repayment, follow these tips so that your home doesn't end up in a public auction.
Find Your Next Home Online - The Right Way
The Internet has made finding your next home much easier. But, are you doing it the right way? We can help.
Don't make these mistakes when signing an Offer to Purchase
What to look out for when signing an offer to purchase document.