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Opportunity knocks again for low-income home buyers
As interest rates tumble, this bodes well for low-income buyers to get a foot on the property ladder.
The ‘virtual’ reality of shopping online for a property
The ins and outs of searching for a home in this new reality.
Last wills and testaments: the essential guide for the inclusion of your private property assets
If you own a property, ensure that you have a valid will, else it may not end up in the hands of the person/s you wanted to inherit the property.
5 reasons to choose sectional title
Many first-time buyers are going ahead with their plans to become homeowners. Here's why sectional titles could be your best option.
Sellers should be ready to capitalise on pent-up demand
Post Covid-19 lockdown, the property market could be categorised by pent-up demand in the residential market.
Here's why you should plan to buy property now
If there is any way you can afford it, you should start planning to get into the property market as soon as possible.
Rules for rentals during lockdown
The lockdown situation has left many tenants and landlords in precarious positions.
Your lockdown property questions answered
The experts answer your frequently asked property-related questions for the Covid-19 lockdown.
How to transition from empty nest to full again
The looming economic crunch in the wake of the Covid19 crisis will no doubt see many adult children, some with families of their own, moving back in with their parents.
Collaboration in the time of Covid-19
How estate agents can work efficiently and effectively from home.