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Holiday rentals to boom this summer, despite pandemic uncertainty
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected different economic sectors including real estate. What can be expected in the coming weeks?
Don’t let tenants scare off your buyers
A tenant can often be an impediment for landlords and prospective home buyers. How should this be handled?
Security tips to ensure the most efficient protection of your home
There is more to properly securing one’s home than merely installing a burglar alarm and there are also a number of crucial factors to take into consideration.
Dealing with defects when buying a home
Defects can adversely affect property transactions especially before the offer to purchase has been signed. What type of defects should you look out for?
Key considerations for non-resident property investors
South Africa offers diverse property investment opportunities. What are the prevailing conditions, and what the key considerations are for non-resident property investors?
The event provides South African property practitioners with an opportunity to explore the latest trends and technologies transforming the property industry...
House price growth has slowed down, again
According to the latest FNB Property Barometer, annual house price growth decelerated again in August.
Implications of the 72-hour clause
The continued marketing (72-hour) clause in the offer to purchase (OTP) agreement often creates confusion.
Adding natural and organic elements to your home
Natural décor elements like wood, cotton, and leather enable us to reconnect to the outdoors.
Top Tips for Landlords to get their Properties Rented out
Rental property market has gone through some difficult times with many tenants struggling to pay and becoming increasingly price sensitive.