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West Coast property tops R2,5bn, record prices as WFH trend drives demand
The West Coast property market has recorded some positive business activity. What are the factors behind this development?
Ongoing record-low interest rate bolsters property market confidence
Interest rates play a huge role in the financial and property markets. What is the current state of affairs?
What you need to know before building from scratch
Building a property from scratch demands time and significant financial resources. What are the key things to consider when taking this step?
How to grow your property investment portfolio through co-buying
Buying property is a viable avenue to wealth creation. How can co-buying, a buying partnership or syndicate help in this regard?
Urgent sales spell opportunities, but beware of false bargains
The property market provides property investment opportunities through urgent sales. There are however certain things you must consider before buying.
Is Spring the best time to sell your house?
The property market is more active during certain seasons than others. How much activity takes place in Spring?
Responsibilities of the tenant
Being a tenant comes with some responsibilities towards the property you occupy. What are some of these responsibilities?
Key rental agreement guidelines
Are you a renter? These are the key points you need to pay attention to in the rental agreement.
Window treatments you should consider
Curtains, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds and other options must be considered as a way to maintain the value and standard of the property. How should this be done?
Own property from as little as R10 000
Property crowdfunding is a relatively new concept that is empowering many people in South Africa. How is it done?