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Should you buy or rent a home?
Factors that influence the decision to buy or rent include an individual's finances and personal circumstances.
home loans: is it better to have a 20 or 30 year loan term?
Should you choose a 20 or 30 year term on your home loan? Lephoi Mokgatle, Executive Head of Nedbank Home Loans Digital shares the pros and cons to consider for each.
Tips on how to buy a property on auction.
Buying a property on auction is slightly different to a regular property purchase, particularly if that property is a distressed sale. Here are a few tips if you're planning to buy a home on auction.
Latitude 49 - Luxurious apartments in Melrose Arch
This new residential development gives buyers access to Melrose Arch’s burgeoning live-play-work lifestyle.
3 tips for getting a good home loan interest rate
The interest rate that you pay on a home loan has a major effect on your cash flow and ability to service your debt. Here's how you can get a better interest rate.
Need cash? Access funds from your home loan.
Lephoi Mokgatle, Executive Head of Nedbank Home Loans Digital shares 3 essential ways to access additional funds from your home loan.
Private Property and Khaya Lam make a difference through Title Deeds
Private Property, together with the Khaya Lam Land Reform Project, gave away 30 title deeds to 30 families in Ngwathe, Parys, allowing them to experience peace of mind, owning their own home.
4 tips for buying property in an estate
When you buy into an estate, the future value of your property will be affected by how well the whole development is managed. Here's how to identify the best estate to invest in.
8 fundamentals that every property investor should know
Different investors buy for different reasons, but there are some common fundamentals that should drive all property investments.
The pros and cons of buying development property
Developments are springing up everywhere to cater for the demand for new properties. As with any property purchase, there are pros and cons to choosing a new property over an existing one.