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Smoothing the way to a downsize
If you're a homeowner planning on moving to a smaller property, now is the time to start making those tough decisions.
Moving house during the lockdown
New regulations permit home owners and tenants to relocate between 7 May and 7 June 2020.
Why container homes are becoming so popular
No matter what your living situation, you’re sure to have heard of container homes and their growing popularity as a housing option for many South Africans.
Home sales: Looking beyond price to get deals done
Getting the deal done involves more than just price considerations.
Millennials - it's your time to get a foot on the property ladder
The current financial crisis in which we find ourselves presents a unique opportunity for Millennials and first-time buyers who might now be able to find their dream home at an affordable price.
Purchasing property post lockdown
Here’s what property buyers need to know about the way forward after SA's lockdown.
Should you choose a fixed or a variable bond payment option?
The pros and cons of fixed bond and variable bond payments.
How tech can help rental agents get through the COVID-19 crisis
How residential rental agents can use technology to deal with the current circumstances.
Opportunity knocks again for low-income home buyers
As interest rates tumble, this bodes well for low-income buyers to get a foot on the property ladder.
The ‘virtual’ reality of shopping online for a property
The ins and outs of searching for a home in this new reality.