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Here's how many pets you may have without breaking the law
There are rules as to how many pets you can own at a given time. This is done to protect the welfare of animals and to prevent animal abuse.
Property inheritance must-knows and considerations
Inheriting property comes with various obligations and responsibilities. Which ones are worth knowing?
How to decide whether to continue renting or to buy
Is buying or renting the right decision for you right now? Read these expert tips to find out.
Advice worth its weight in gold
Banks are key players in securing individual wealth and investments. How is Absa helping in this regard?
Understanding occupational rent in case of a delayed transfer
What is occupational rent and how does it affect the property transfer process?
Consider the Pros & Cons of Inheriting a Legacy Property
Learn how to handle receiving a property, including the financial implications of such.
Are we really in a sellers’ market yet?
The property industry is influenced by different factors with sellers and buyers all experiencing different phases of the market shifts.
The 8 big hazards of trying to sell your property privately
Are you thinking of selling your property privately? Consider these points before making such a huge decision.
Prepare Now for The Franchise Resurgence
Mark Siebert, author of The Franchisee Handbook, predicts that a franchise resurgence is on its way.
Unlocking relief within your bond
Your bond may hold the answer to easing cash flow in these uncertain times but think carefully before you make that decision.