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Why residential property in Dainfern is booming
Dainfern has become one of Gauteng’s most rapidly expanding and developing nodes.
2019 is the year for first time home buyers
2018 was a challenging year for the South African property market, but so far 2019 is looking positive, particularly for first time home buyers.
How to pick the best stand
9 tips for choosing the best spots in plot-and-plan developments.
Tips for buying your first home in 2019
Buying your first home this year? Make sure you've considered these pointers before you take the plunge.
Do you know your home’s history?
Well done! You’ve found your dream home, but do you really know its history? Here’s how to find out the real truth behind those gorgeous tiles.
Increase your chances of qualifying for a home loan
Can't afford a home loan on your own? Consider co-applying with a partner or family member to increase your chances of qualifying for a bond.
Southern Cape Town's residential market is thriving
Amidst the tough property market in South Africa, certain suburbs in the southern parts of Cape Town are showing extraordinary resilience.
Extra fees involved with buying a home
Buying property is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Therefore, it is crucially important to understand everything in the purchase equation, particularly the fees.
8 stunning seaside homes with incredible views
Sun, sand and surf shouldn't just be for for vacations, these superb beachfront properties will allow you to experience those holiday vibes all year round.
Understanding your rights to common property in sectional titles
One of the most frequent causes of friction between residents in ST schemes is misuse of the common property, so it is important to understand how it works.