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What buyers want
Sellers need to do all they can to make sure their property has the best chance of selling in this highly competitive market.
Be honest about your home flaws
When selling your home, this is why it pays to be honest about any defects.
Costs to consider before upgrading
The three most important costs that buyers ought to consider before upgrading to a larger home.
How to spot sales or rental property scams
A real estate professional give useful tips on how to avoid being scammed when you're buying or renting a home.
Eco estates offer more than just security
While the security factor plays a very important part, there are various other benefits that the lifestyle in eco-estates affords residents.
Tips for long distance property searches
Searching for a new home can be a nerve-wracking process at the best of times, especially if you plan on renting or buying a house that you haven’t yet set foot in.
What you need to know about life rights
For a stress free retirement, buying a property with life rights may be the best options. Find out what it entails.
Pretoria’s new upmarket student apartments
Buy-to-let investors looking for good returns should look no further than iQ Brooklyn.
Find your first home for under R900 000
A home for under R900 000? It’s possible! And here are 10 suburbs in Johannesburg where your first home could be situated.
Ask these questions before buying into a development
Many first time buyers will be considering homes in developments and they need to ask the developers some probing questions before making a commitment.