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How to find your dream home online
The online space provides immense property opportunities. What are some of the best ways to search for property online?
Create windbreaks in your garden
Windbreaks are an important garden feature. You can create this by planting robust trees and shrubs to protect more delicate plants.
Is the voetstoots clause still applicable?
This clause in the Offer to Purchase doesn’t relieve sellers of the obligation to disclose defects.
How to plant an indigenous scented garden
Achieve an indigenous scented garden by including fragrant plants that will add a new dimension to your garden.
Expert tips to avoid the frustration and potential costs of property transfer delays
Although some delays cannot be foreseen, it’s possible to significantly reduce the risk by doing one’s homework and having all one’s ducks in a row from the onset.
Pros And cons of buying a repossessed home
Repossessed properties are worth considering for investment. What are the pros and cons?
4 ways to build a good relationship with your Landlord
Landlord and tenant relationships are often difficult to manage for many people. How best can tenants build better relationships?
Is ‘pre-approved bond/home loan’ a misnomer?
Pre-approved is often a contentious term during property acquisition processes. What is the correct interpretation and application of this term?
Property stokvels – pros and cons
Stokvels in South Africa are big business - and are becoming more prominent. How are they done, and what are the pros and cons?
The Ultimate Guide to Moving While Pregnant
Moving homes while pregnant requires careful planning to safeguard health and financial interests. How should it be done?