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Buying a home off-plan
Buying a brand new home off-plan directly from a developer can be a daunting prospect, but the advantages are significant and the risks negligible - if you do your homework.
How to increase your ROI on an investment property
How to successfully maximise your returns on an investment property through renovation.
Your semigration checklist
Perhaps you don’t want to move countries. Sometimes, your next home is just in another region. Is your family contemplating semigration? Let’s find out if you’re ready.
Attracting – and retaining – desirable tenants
Buy-to-let property can be the route to wealth creation. But you need the right tenants at the right rental to make it work.
Additions and alterations on sectional title homes
For those wanting to add on or make alterations to sectional title homes, make sure that you've read these points first.
Why first time buyers are choosing Pretoria
Pretoria remains the number one choice for first time home buyers, here's why.
What to consider before buying a home with someone
Buying a home with someone may sound like a great idea, but make sure that you are well prepared before you enter into this.
Buying property at home still a good option for SA expats
South African property is still a good investment opportunity for expatriates who intend coming home.
When to buy a holiday home
Savvy investors should seize the opportunity to find their holiday home in the peace and stillness of the off-season before the crowds arrive to drive up prices.
Is rent-to-own your best option?
Struggling to get approval for a home loan? A ‘rent to own’ or ‘instalment sale’ might be the solution you’ve been looking for.