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Tips for the first-time property investor
With current market conditions being so favourable to buyers, some South Africans might find themselves in the fortunate position to be able to purchase their first investment property.
Why invest now – navigating a buyers’ market
There was never a better time to purchase property than right now with a significant uptick in home loan approvals.
The average rental costs of South Africa's top cities
How do the rental costs in South Africa’s major cities compare?
Investing in Property? Airbnb May Be Your Next Move
Investing in property to become an Airbnb host may be your next best move. Private Property offers you a quick guide to help you decide on your next property investment.
Top 5 pet-friendly areas to rent in South Africa
Finding the perfect rental is no easy feat, especially when you have fur children to consider!
5 of the best South African Suburbs to live in
In today’s world, suburbs have evolved to reflect a certain way of life for their residents.
Long or short term letting: Which option yields greater returns?
No matter where you are, some truths about long- and short-term rentals remain the same across all parts of the country.
Mistakes to avoid when Buying your First Home
As life-changing decisions go, buying your first home is one of life’s pretty significant moments.
Home Loan Tips For Repeat Buyers
Purchasing a home is an exciting time for any home buyer regardless of whether it’s their first or second time. What home loan tips could you as a repeat buyer make note of for the second time around?
4 spending habits to avoid
Potential home buyers should pay attention to these factors which could impact their ability to qualify for home finance.