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Don’t let tenants scare off your buyers
A tenant can often be an impediment for landlords and prospective home buyers. How should this be handled?
The do’s and don’ts of home security
Home security should be prioritised by households by putting in place relevant systems and measures. Which ones should be considered?
Reasons for landlords to employ rental agents
Many landlords are considering managing their own rental properties to cut costs. Here are some reasons why you should consider employing a rental agent.
The state of distressed property sales since lockdown
South Africa’s property market has continued to record distressed properties caused by homeowners who have fallen into financial difficulties.
Homeowners are beefing up their security
In order to beef up security, these are the 8 security barriers that every SA household should consider.
Light at the end of the tunnel for the property market
The property market in South Africa has gone through different phases through the years. How is the future looking currently?
How to grow your property investment portfolio through co-buying
Buying property is a viable avenue to wealth creation. How can co-buying, a buying partnership or syndicate help in this regard?
Things to avoid when selling your home
Selling a property is an important decision which must be carefully done. What must be avoided in this process?
Responsibilities of the tenant
Being a tenant comes with some responsibilities towards the property you occupy. What are some of these responsibilities?
Key rental agreement guidelines
Are you a renter? These are the key points you need to pay attention to in the rental agreement.