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Renters guide: How to deal with the deposit
The ins and outs of how a rental deposit should be handled.
Buy-to-let guide: Costs to consider when running the numbers
Costs to take into account when running the numbers
Renters guide: The landlord-tenant relationship
How to deal with problems that may arise between landlords and tenants, and who is responsible for what.
Buy-to-let guide: The metrics used for evaluating property investments
The most commonly used metrics for evaluating property investments.
Buy-to-let guide: The financial aspects of investing in property
Learn about investment structures and the tax implications of earning rental income, as well as financing the property, capital growth and cash-flow.
Buy-to-let guide: Education, teamwork and exit strategies
Property investor education and training is as essential as building your team of professional advisers and having a good exit strategy for every investment
Buy-to-let guide: Investing in buy-to-let property
Buy-to-let property investments have the profit potential to assist in creating financial freedom for anyone that desires it.
Buy-to-let guide: Where to start?
When deciding on whether to invest in a property, these are the 2 first important points to consider.
Student letting guide : An investor guide to student letting
Investing in student accommodation is not suitable for all investors. Find out how to determine if this the right market segment for you, and how to take the initial steps.
Turn your home into a money-maker
If you’re feeling a bit of the pinch following last week’s budget speech, fear not! One of your most valuable assets – your home – could actually be the answer to some much-needed financial relief.