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Advice for first-time buyers in sectional title schemes
Sectional title schemes provide viable property investment opportunities. What does it mean to buy a sectional title home?
Women are beginning to take the lion’s share of the property market
The property industry has continued to record an increased number of female property buyers. What is the history behind this trend and what are the current prevailing conditions?
Sales in execution and their pitfalls
Property bargains often come up in the property market.What are the pitfalls associated with bargain property?
7 Places to get free moving boxes South Africa
Securing your possessions is of prime importance when moving. Where can someone get free moving boxes in South Africa?
Starting your own business? Beware of the risks when purchasing property
Purchasing a property is an important and sometimes risky undertaking. What should be considered in this regard?
Raw materials price increases to cause property price spike
If you are looking to buy or buy-to-let, now is the time.This is because of the expected rise in raw material prices.
A template for lease agreements
A lease agreement is an important document which is designed to clearly outline responsibilities and legal guidelines between a landlord and a tenant.
Tax Advantages of Investment Property
Property investments comes with tax implications and advantages. Which tax advantages are available?
6 safety tips for selling a vacant home
Listing and selling a vacant property can be a difficult undertaking for many. How should this be done?
Revamp your granny flat for passive income
Here are some relevant tips for making your granny flat appealing to tenants.