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Property owners waiting 10 years before selling
What does this mean, and if you want or need to sell now, what can you do to realise the best return on your investment?
3 tips to make your holiday home successful
How to make sure that your holiday home is a successful investment.
Leasing your home for short term rentals
With the holiday season drawing near, many homeowners might be carefully considering the idea of short-term letting over the peak season.
3 ways to avoid a defaulting tenant
Basic checks to perform, in order to avoid taking on a defaulting tenant.
Do you have what it takes to be a landlord?
The 6 essential character attributes you need to be an effective landlord.
How to manage maintenance issues with your landlord
What do you do when you feel that your landlord isn’t fulfilling their maintenance obligations?
What to ask before buying a home
Must do’s and essential questions to ask before buying property.
Staying in - the new trend
The global trend of "cocooning" is becoming more popular in South Africa.
10 reasons to use a managing agent
Some of the most important services provided by a managing agent.
Why it makes sense to buy your own home
Freedom from paying rent is just one good reason for buying your own home.