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Natural person, company or trust?
Choosing the entity in which to register a property will depend on your specific needs. Which entity is best for buying property?
Sub-letting of rental properties
Sub-letting is usually only allowed with the express written consent of the landlord. What else should you consider?
Own property from as little as R10 000
Property crowdfunding is a relatively new concept that is empowering many people in South Africa. How is it done?
Property Practitioners Act
The Property Practitioners Act has been promulgated, but the commencement date is yet to be decided.
Buying property through a family trust
Purchasing property through a family trust is worth considering. Why is this a good option?
Has the rental market turned the corner?
PayProp’s rental index for the second quarter of 2021 shows that rentals seem to have stabilised, at least for now.
Ultimate guide to moving with Cats
Cats naturally become part of the family set up in many households. When it comes to moving, how can you make it a good experience for them?
Cohabitating versus legal marriage and property
Co-ownership of property is allowed in South Africa. What are the guidelines concerning cohabitating and legal marriages?
Increased movement in the luxury residential property market
The residential property market has always been a hive of activity. What has changed recently however is the shift towards luxury residential property.
Is It Better to Buy or Build or Plot and Plan?
Buying an already existing property or buying a plot and developing are both good options in the property market. Which one works better?