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Tenants cannot withhold their rent
Tenants often resort to withholding their monthly rental payments as a way to deal with property grievances.
Home security tips for single women
Single women are often easy targets by criminals in various neighbourhoods. How can women improve their security?
What happens to a tenant when a landlord sells
Lease agreements are legally binding. In the event that a landlord sells their property, it's important to know what the legal implications are.
Renting for life
‘Sell-to-rent retirees’ may be creating a new trend
What landlords can do when tenants break their lease early
Is it possible for tenants to get out of a lease agreement without being in breach of the contract?
How to cancel your lease and downgrade without hidden costs
Many tenants will now be looking to downgrade to more affordable premises and will need to cancel their leases.
5 steps landlords can take against late-paying tenants
Many landlords may find themselves in a predicament where their tenant is no longer able to pay monthly rent due to current economic circumstances.
Long or short term letting: Which option yields greater returns?
No matter where you are, some truths about long- and short-term rentals remain the same across all parts of the country.
Residential property rental market opportunity for Airbnb properties
What happens next for Airbnb and the rental market after the Covid-19 lockdown.
Post-lockdown rental market boom
The residential market will boom once the full Lockdown is lifted in terms of activity, but rental rates will come under tremendous pressure according to the Seeff Property Group.