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Landlords cautioned against upfront rental payment
According to a recent press release issued by TPN Credit Bureau, landlords should proceed with caution when prospective tenants offer to pay their rent upfront in cash.
Semigration to boost Cape’s multi-faceted rental market
While rental yields will likely remain flat this year, a bumper year is expected for the Cape rental market.
Pet-friendly homes offer a distinct edge
Landlords who allow pets have many advantages over their counterparts who don’t, including increased demand, higher rentals - and a better change of more responsible long-term tenants.
Female versus male tenants
What the stats reveal about the differences between male and female tenants.
How to be a good roommate
Many people will live under the same roof with other people who are not their family members at one or another stage of their life.
Managing the buy-to-let risks
The current buyers’ market offers a good opportunity for investors looking for properties to rent out, especially with the prospect of a potential rental-growth recovery in the latter part of 2020.
How to safeguard your student rental property
Student rental properties are the type of investment that need to be protected against various risks.
10 things landlords should know about property inspections
Tips for landlords, from the experts, on property inspections.
Rental property maintenance
Who is responsible for the different aspects of maintaining a rental property?
Choosing an investment property
When buying an investment property, you should apply the same “rules” about location, condition and security as when buying a home for yourself.