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4 ways to build a good relationship with your Landlord
Landlord and tenant relationships are often difficult to manage for many people. How best can tenants build better relationships?
Rental market slowly stabilising
South Africa’s rental market has continued to stabilise due to a number of factors. Here’s what landlords and tenants can expect.
How to get your Property Sold for Asking Price…and Fast!
Selling a property is often about the best price and closing the deal in the shortest possible time. How can this be done?
The Ultimate Guide to Moving While Pregnant
Moving homes while pregnant requires careful planning to safeguard health and financial interests. How should it be done?
Investing in commercial property
Investing in commercial property is a crucial business decision that needs to be carefully done. Here is some advice for first-time investors.
Property Inheritance
Property inheritance can prove very complicated if not well handled. However, this is how you can pave the way for your heirs to inherit your property.
Top tips for pricing property properly
Property pricing is a key factor in property transactions. How should this be done properly?
RE/MAX National Housing Report Q3 2021
The RE/MAX National Housing Report for Q3 2021 shows that the housing market continues to exceed expectations.
Rental income and tax
Paying tax is a legal obligation. Get to know which rental expenses are deductible for tax purposes.
Dealing with defects when buying a home
Defects can adversely affect property transactions especially before the offer to purchase has been signed. What type of defects should you look out for?