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Pro tips on how to flip a house for maximum profit
Flipping a property for profit may seem simple, but if you take a false step you’re likely to lose your shirt.
Property inheritance must-knows and considerations
Inheriting property comes with various obligations and responsibilities. Which ones are worth knowing?
What expenses are covered by the rental deposit?
How a landlord is meant to handle a rental deposit, according to the Rental Housing Act.
Karoo and Cape game farms now hot property
Game farms are valuable investments.What is available around the Karoo and the Cape?
Advice worth its weight in gold
Banks are key players in securing individual wealth and investments. How is Absa helping in this regard?
Plant a tree – and boost your home’s value
Trees are an important aspect of a healthy home environment. How do they help in bossting a home's value?
Letting agents: Why you need one and how to find a good one
Letting agents play a crucial role in the property industry. How do you find a good one?
Why investing in property in SA is a good idea
South Africa is a good property investment destination. Why is it a good idea to invest in property in this country?
Use the housing tribunal to solve rental disputes
The Rental Housing Tribunal is you go-to if you seek to solve any disputes between you and your landlord.
FNB Commercial Property Finance Property Insights
This year’s SARB rate-cutting stimulus to date does not appear to be boosting commercial property.